House Conversions

House Conversions

At Spotless Group Services – We can undertake any time of house conversion to unlock your home’s potential.

How does our house conversion work?

We work closely with our architects and site managers to develop the house conversion that you are looking for.

Steps we take:

  • Clients: We meet and discuss all of your goals and expectations.
  • Architect and Site Manager/Structural Engineer – We discuss your goals and expectation on site with all experts and analyse the capacities of the property.
  • Clients: We discuss with our clients our findings, suggestions and architectural plan to move forward with the planing.
  • Development: Once all approved by our customers and our development experts we begin constructing the house conversion of your dreams.
  • Quality Control: During development and after completion all of our projects undergo a meticulously check to meet all our experts and clients expectation, our projects is only completed once all parties are 100% satisfied with the outcome of the project.